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Car "car center" in 2000 offering the people of Kiev and guests of the capital a comprehensive service vehicles. The list of services of the company includes all kinds of automobile repair and service, including insurance cases. And the quality of work is appreciated not only by private customers but also companies such as SE "Ukrspirt" and "TD" the Bridge Express ".

All the equipment is one HUNDRED produced in European countries, and it is enough to serve simultaneously up to 40 vehicles from various types of repair. There are unique positions. For example, the post adjustment for the alignment of the wheels, allowing you to serve limousines.

For operational vehicle servicing the station has a warehouse of oils and consumables and necessary spare parts delivered to the station on the day of the repair the machine. Car "car center" is the authorized partner of the company "Shell Ukraine", preferring the time-tested products of the company. But the wishes of the customers here are sure to consider.

The quality of a HUNDRED works largely due to the high level of professionalism of the staff and their wealth of experience. Almost all masters, and there are 35 people working on STO "Avtotsentr" since the opening of the station. This consistency clearly indicates a sound approach to the organization of labor in the service station and the personal interest of each employee in the result.

Watch closely here and new trends in the field of repair and service cars. If necessary, the master STO attend courses and seminars to enhance skills. Such events are also arranged by the suppliers of spare parts and equipment for bus stations.

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To be successful in any sphere it is necessary to develop the business and to develop new areas of work. Car "car center" is no exception to this rule. Soon there will be a service for the installation of LPG on cars. Today, this work looks very promising. In addition, a sufficiently attractive opportunity to leave the car for a HUNDRED at any time of the day, even at night. And for clients wishing to expect your car, on the bus station territory there is a waiting room, a restaurant and a sauna. We must recognize that this is a very intriguing environment for customers, which can boast very few stations. To visit a Service center "auto center" is already in order to see for yourself just described above. And maybe become another regular customer of this car service.

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m. Kyiv, Prov. Karelian, 5

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We guarantee that our customers will receive work from regular maintenance to major repairs. Thanks to well-equipped mechanical workshop which has the latest equipment and highly skilled and experienced workforce, we are well qualified to diagnose and repair even the latest car models.

Therefore, regardless of what car you predite, you can always leave it in our hands without a trace of anxiety. Regardless of whether you are looking for regular vehicle maintenance, diagnosis and repair of suspension, gearbox and automatic transmission, diveguy and cylinder head, computer collapse convergence, body repair, or otherwise we is the ultimate destination. All of our technicians are certified and have a wealth of experience to provide repair and maintenance of the highest class, every time you pass through our gates.