Cars from the United States under the order in Kiev

The automobile market of America and Canada is huge and has incredible diversity. Modern bidding on car sales are conducted mainly in the form of electronic auctions, which greatly simplifies the participation in them, because they do not require the immediate presence of the buyer.

   The car is chosen by our Manager, taking into account all wishes of the client, because to take into account all the nuances of state car only by a professional. Note that the auction rules may differ for categories of cars, terms of payment or the registration of documents depending on the laws of the area where the event is held.

Cars from the USA

Principles of our work

The expenditure upon delivery of the car

The purchase of cars and spare parts

The costs depend on the chosen car

Car repairs

Depends on the car

Brokerage services

Work on unloading in port USD 1150

Shipping Odessa - Kiev

7000 UAH.

Our services

Depending on the complexity of repairs and the total cost

How we work

The choice of a car

We advise and help in choosing a car. Check the car on Carfax

Buy a car with American marketplaces

Looking for the best option of buying the car. Buy with all the associated operations.


Perform selection and purchase of required original spare parts (new and used)

Delivery to port of shipment

The design of the delivery vehicle to the port for further processing for international shipping to Ukraine

The freight of the ship and delivery to Ukraine

Execute all necessary documents. Loaded cars on the ship and delivered to the territory of Ukraine

Accept cargo to Odessa

Take the car in the port of Odessa. Execute all necessary documents

Car repairs

Make all necessary repairs as a auto body and repair electronic equipment and for the interior, chassis, powertrain and other necessary jobs.

Certification and accounting

Certify the car and put on the record

Car delivery to the customer

Ship car from Odessa to the customer. Provide necessary documentation and ready to use car.

Cars imported from USA