Car diagnostics

Each car eventually exhausts its resources, some parts wear out and lose their capacity or completely broken. The smell of gasoline in the cabin, increased fuel consumption, reduced engine power, repeated overheating, unusual sounds during operation. Car diagnostics will help you find the causes of problems with the car, and fix them.

Cost of services (UAH)

Computer diagnostics 180
Diagnosis of the braking system 120
Diagnostics of the exhaust system 50
Diagnosis of the powertrain 70
Diagnosis chassis of the car 140
Engine 200
Diagnostics electricians 150
Diagnosis of battery 180
Diagnostics clutch 50
Conditioning system diagnosis 80
Diagnostics steering 250

Even if these factors do not exist, should carry out their inspection. Indicators can be in the normal range, but close to the limit. After that you need to implement the recommended master maintenance work.

Car diagnosticsCar diagnostics