Auto body repair and painting

Auto body repair and painting needs for car owners very often unfortunately, this critical element, usually in the first place takes care of all the mechanical and chemical external injuries, which are inevitable in the operation of any intensity. Even if you carefully follow his car, or rarely use it, it is impossible to avoid scratches, dents, corrosion, etc.

Do not think that repair car body only needed when the car got in a serious accident and was considerably damaged. If you find even the most minor defects, it is better to visit the service center.

The fact that even small scratches or dents this is a violation of the integrity of the coating and the geometry of the body, which is influenced by weather conditions, vehicle vibration while driving and other negative factors will increasingly progress.

As a result, even a small chip, which immediately after his appearance did not cause much difficulty to you or the repairmen, after a long time will require much more time and cost to resolve.


- straightening and tin works;
- repair of body parts;
- painting of all types of bodies;
- selection and installation of new parts;
- polishing of the body;
- replacement glass;


Auto body repair and painting Auto body repair and painting

Auto body repair and painting

Painting (from UAH).

Polishing a single part 245
Polishing the whole car 2890
Painting of rear view mirrors left 545
Painting front doors 2760
Painting the front wing 2760
Painting threshold 2760
Painting bumper 3500
Formuvannya roof 3700
Painting the hood 3700
Painting the trunk lid 3700
Painting the rear doors 2760
Painting wing back 2760
Check the paintwork 200