Quality car wash station "center" in Kiev
Car wash "auto center" is a modern car wash Kiev located in the Dnieper area, which is always happy to take You and Your car.

Quality car wash station "center" in Kiev    Quality car wash station "center" in Kiev    Car washing on the Karelian 5 Dniprovskiy and Darnitskiy districts

Why wash the car is so important? It's very simple! Machines, like people, require regular care. Washing the car is not only an aesthetic issue, but also, more importantly, practical. While riding on the car are the most different in their nature and chemical composition of pollutants. Prolonged exposure to such pollutants on the surface of the machine, the following occurs: there is damage to the paint surface of the car, the share of pollutants explores directly on the metal surface, starting the process of corrosion. As a result, may occur swelling of the paint and rusting the metal beneath it. In addition, contamination of the individual parts of the car can lead to breakage and costly repairs.

Therefore, regular washing of Your car is the right decision. And to do it at the car wash "auto center" is not only correct, but also profitable.

Why, if the car wash in Kiev - you should choose "Avtotsentr"?

Immediately on the main:

✓ величезний асортимент пропонованих послуг;
✓ сучасне професійне обладнання;
✓ висококваліфіковані співробітники;
✓ використання апаратів високого тиску;
✓ якісна автомобільна хімія від європейських виробників;
✓ дотримання технологій мийки;
✓ прибирання автомобіля не тільки зовні, але і всередині;
✓ обов'язкова повітряна сушка автомобіля;
✓ можливість передпродажної підготовки;
✓ цілодобове обслуговування;
✓ доступні ціни на автомийку;
And that's not all our advantages.

Car wash "auto center" is a four box equipped according to all European standards. Sucast equipment, special technology for additional purification, individual approach to each car. With us, Your car is in safe hands.