Professional maintenance of electric and hybrid cars

A HUNDRED skilled employees that have a wide range of knowledge on maintenance of electric and hybrid cars and are familiar with all the features, so that emerging problems are promptly.


  • Conducting regular maintenance;
  • Firmware electric vehicles;
  • Repair of electrical equipment;
  • Chipping under the charging station;
  • Bringing the car in pre-sales readiness;
  • Processing, sale charging;
  • Sale of spare parts in presence and under the order.

Servicing electric


  • Diagnosis and repair of power batteries;
  • Diagnosis and repair of power units;
  • Diagnostics and repair of running gear (suspension, drive, steering).

Our values

Maintenance of electric vehicles is carried out through contracts with direct suppliers, skill and years of experience of our employees, the great desire to create for our customers the most comfortable conditions of operation of the electric vehicle, the desire to make the maximum contribution to a green future of the country and society, we are ready to solve all Your problems for fixing of the electric vehicle and to provide you with the most more information on all questions that You may have.

Servicing electric