In the process of operation of the engine, no matter what quality fuel You use, the fuel system components gradually accumulated contamination, which over time degrades, and further outputs does the injector failure. 
STO "Autocenter" offers to clean the fuel system of gasoline and diesel engines without prior disassembly (about 30,000 km) that will allow You to maintain the declared characteristics of your car to ensure fuel efficiency and emission controls, and also allow you to increase the service life of parts such as the lambda probe and catalyst.

We used to install Wynn's FuelServe® works without disassembly of fuel system components and makes it easy to connect to fuel system components. By adjusting the liquid supply cleans depending on the degree of contamination of the engine. The system is switched off automatically upon completion of the cleaning process of the fuel system. Built-in overflow protection of liquids, power surges or connection with wrong polarity.


Wynn's FuelServe® can be attached to all fuel systems like gasoline (carb, K-, KE-, L-, LE-, LH-, Mono-jetronic, Motronic, Renix, direct injection, etc.) and diesel engines (pre-chamber and direct injection, common rail, pump-jet injection).
Для легкових автомобілів, вантажівок, автобусів, водного транспорту і стаціонарного обладнання.
Тільки для використання разом з рідинами Wynn’s Injection System Purge (W76695) і Wynn’s Diesel System Purge (W89195).