The collapse of the convergence - Updated database of 2019

Certified car service in Karelia invites all who prefer to trust to diagnose and repair your car to the professionals. What signals the car takes when it needs to adjust the alignment? We advise you not to hesitate and to send a transport to a diagnostic stand convergence disorder if:


  •  the tires wear unevenly or too fast in your opinion;
  • it is time to pass a scheduled inspection;
  • your car is just out of the service station, body work;
  • car needs a rigid "steering" control, otherwise it loses its stability;
  • did you find any deflection from its original plane;
  • your car recently been repaired clutch, a ride, or steering.

Why do I need to do wheel alignment ?

The stability of the vehicle; 
The car's handling; 
The reduction of the skidding car; 
Reducing tire wear; 
Fuel economy.