Certified cars from America, Europe, Asia

Certification of vehicles, new and used vehicles from Europe, America, Canada, Korea and other countries. We cooperate with five ownymi certification bodies appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development for the assessment of conformity of road vehicles.

Certification of vehicles

List of documents and the factors that shape the cost of the procedure.

Certification of vehiclesFor customs clearance of broken cars and the registration of b/u vehicle in Ukraine, the owner of the list of documents required:

  • the original registration certificate;
  • paterculus of purchase receipt (invoice);
  • bill of lading with the name of the recipient;
  • passport and identification code of the client.

The cost of this process is formed in accordance with the type of vehicle, its price, volume and type of engine, age of the car. Customs clearance calculator allows to calculate the final figure. But the final price is determined on the spot, after the car inspection and examination. Faults in mechanics or body damage reduces the price of the auction and at customs clearance.

Certification car, how to save?

According to the legislation, the reduced rates for customs clearance relating to certain types of machines from USA or Canada. To fall under the category of favorable terms, pay attention to the car, appropriate standards "Euro-5" and released on the market not earlier than 2010. Restrictions affect the volume of the engine. For petrol the maximum node index is 3.0. For importation of cars with diesel engines must not exceed 2.5 liters. Electric cars have a unified excise duty.


You can obtain a certificate of conformity for the following types of vehicles:

Why us?

The low cost of services

Car from Europe - 3500grn.
The car from America - 6500grn.
The conversion of the car to match the standards of EURO-5 - UAH 2500-4500.

Registration of the certificate in 1 working day

We complete the necessary applications for You that will save time the procedure of issuing the certificate.

Experience in the market of certification - 7 years (since 2010)

By contacting us You will receive expert assistance in certification of cars in Ukraine.

When refurbishing a car, we perform the following requirements:

Marker lights

Front Parking lights must be white

The direction indicators

a) On the front wing or the mirror must be permanently installed side turn orange. b) Rear turn signal must be orange.

Fog lights

a) Should be installed stationary rear fog light red (distance from fog lamp to stopno must be at least 100 mm from the road to the bottom of the fog lamp must be not less than 250 mm and not more than 1000 mm to the top edge). Rear PTL should turn on only after the low beams on and off automatically after turning off the beam (after re-PTL driving lights should not illuminate immediately). b) Rear PTL should include a separate control (not allowed parallel connection with front fog lights). in) Indication of reverse flow lines are to be displayed or the display or the power button. d) If PTL is one, it must be placed strictly in the middle or on the left.


The speedometer should show speed in km/h, or on a digital display should be switchable to km/h.


a) Tinted windshield and front side Windows is not allowed. b) Tinted lighting is not allowed.