In our workplaces use professional equipment. Our tire service allows us to work with tires of different diameters, including nizkoprofilnom tires and modern tires with RunFlat technology. High-precision and up to date equipment eliminates any error of balance.

In addition to replacing tyres and balancing, we also provide related services:

- tire repair;
- argon welding;
- straightening alloy wheels;
- painting of steel cast wheels;
- brake pad replacement;
- refilling of air conditioning;
- replacement of engine oil;
- selling tires and rims - we offer a huge range of products, the best quality and at very good prices.

There are a HUNDRED rooms for visitors with drinks and refreshments. 50 metres Armenian restaurant with tasty kebab and choice of set lunch. Free Wi-Fi. Here you will be able to wait until I finish with the car. By the way, have to wait long, because we are on the record, we have no queues, and the master always focuses on a single vehicle. So it works efficiently and quickly.


Summary price sedan, hatchback, station wagon.

Service \ Diameter"12""13""14""15""16""17""18""19""20""21""22""23""24"
Removing and installing wheel15151520202525303030354040
Mounting tires15151515202530354045505560
Total for 1 wheel50505060708085100110120135150160
Total for 4 wheels200200200240280320340400440480540600640
Dismantling-mounting of the tyre series ≤45 or with technology RunFlat + 35uah. behind the wheel.
Balancing the wheels of vehicles of Tarva (similar) value on wheels 16 ".

Summary price van, jeep, SUV, van.

Service \ Diameter"12""13""14""15""16""17""18""19""20""21""22""23""24"
Removing and installing wheel-152025252525303030404045
Mounting tires-202525303540404550556070
Total for 1 wheel-6070809095105110120130150160185
Total for 4 wheels-240280320360380420440480520600640740
Dismantling-mounting of the tyre series ≤45 or with technology RunFlat + 45uah. behind the wheel.
Dismantling-mounting of the tyre with camera + 10 UAH. / PCs.
Removal-installation of twin wheels on the car + 10 UAH. / PCs.

Summary price scooter, motorcycle, Quad.

Type of vehicle / ServiceRemoving and installing wheelDismantling-mounting of the tyreBalancingTotal for 1st wheelTotal for 2 wheels
Scooterfrom 303030from 90from 180
Moto,Quad.from 454545from 135from 270
How we work

Our tire service is available. In the list of our services there is a seasonal replacement of tyres and assist in their selection, and any tire repair, elimination of side cuts, tire punctures. Also made balancing, straightening, painting wheels. By and large, experience and technical base of the tire is sufficient to resolve almost any problem.