The restoration of the DPF (diesel particulate filter restoration)

Cleaning of the particulate filter and the catalyst is a necessary procedure which should be done regularly depending on the life of the vehicle and driving style. For cars is 40-50 thousand km and truck — 200-300 thousand.

 The equipment used for the restoration of particulate flrw certified by the TUV Nord. Successfully used in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, England and the United States.
Diesel particulate filter BMW X3 before and after cleaning
Diesel particulate filter BMW X3 to clean Diesel particulate filter BMW X3 after cleaning
Professional recovery of and restoration of the particulate filter is carried out on certified equipment that is guaranteed returns diesel particulate filters and Catalin their functions.
Restoration and cleaning of DPF and catalyst in Kiev

Technology of cleaning the DPF using our equipment:

  • Ensures complete removal of soot and oil contamination
  • Eliminates human involvement in the purification process because this is done automatically
  • This is a quick solution is usually the process takes 50 minutes, but not more than 3 hours
  • Does not damage the filter, thus restores bandwidth
  • This is a proven and cheap solution compared to buying a new DPF and possible consequences of the use of faulty, or delete it at all
  • It is an absolute technological phenomenon on the Ukrainian market, unique — no
  • Cleaning is done by water pressure and hot air