Заправка кондиціонера автомобіля

Заправка кондиціонерів автомобіля і регулярне обслуговування кліматичної установки автомобіля потрібні для забезпечення стабільного надходження холодного повітря в салон без збоїв.

Наш автосервіс зробить якісну заправку вузла і усуне можливі несправності. При необхідності ми допоможемо визначити витік холодоагенту і починають окремі елементи кондиціонера. Вашим автомобілем будуть займатися професійні автомеханіки з досвідом ремонту більше 15 років.

Maintenance of air conditioning in our service

Filling the air conditioner requires compliance with certain rules and manufacturer's recommendations. It is important to fill quality freon, which ensures stable operation of the air conditioner and does not pose a threat to others. We use a type of refrigerant R134. It is non-flammable and is safe for people.

If when you turn on the air conditioner, from the vent in the cabin comes an unpleasant smell, it indicates a strong pollution of the installation. Smell emit the accumulated germs. They not only cause discomfort for passengers, but also endangers their health by penetrating the respiratory tract. To get rid of bacteria will help cleaning the air conditioner and replace the cabin filter. STO "auto-center" in Kiev, efficiently and inexpensively will restore the freshness and the flow of cold air from your air conditioner.

The average cost of filling with the oil change and freon is about 700 USD.

Our services
The process of filling the air conditioner

We carry out refilling of climate systems for all car models at affordable prices. Refilling of air-conditioners should be sure! Deviations from the assigned amount of freon may result in failure for the entire system. Our service is equipped with specialized equipment, that allow quickly and accurately to pour the refrigerant in the air conditioning of your car.

Recommendations to the owners

To ensure stable operation of the system and maintain comfort in the cabin requires regular refilling of air-conditioners and maintenance of the site. This applies to new cars bought in the salon.

Diagnostics and refueling should be performed each season. All the problems of conditioning emerge, usually after the winter. So do not expect the heat, and immediately rush to our service.